Management of successful virtual teaching tools for the process of training in remote attendance in the area of health

  • Lina María Rodríguez Cuellar Universidad Santo Tomás


This article explains how the use of virtual teaching tools and strategies in the area of health, especially in dentistry and each of its disciplines, allows students to apply the knowledge acquired from theory to practice. This process favors the creation of critical thinking and develops creativity in class. Consequently, the activities carried out using these strategies generate independent learning in which the student takes advantage of his or her talents to create content in the classroom, giving way to autonomous and innovative learning based on real, everyday problems.


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Lina María Rodríguez Cuellar, Universidad Santo Tomás
Odontóloga. Especialista en Rehabilitación Oral. Docente del Programa de Laboratorio Dental. Docente Posgrado de Endodoncia. Docente Posgrado del programa de Rehabilitación Oral. Asesora Pedagógica División Ciencias de la Salud, Unidad de Desarrollo Curricular y Formación Docente. Universidad Santo Tomás, Bucaramanga, Colombia
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