Inverse kinematics of a redundant robot type scorbot – ER Vplus: influence of performance indices

  • Luz Adriana Mejía-Calderón Ph.D. Ingeniería y Producción Industrial, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
  • Alexander González-Echeverry Ingeniero Mecánico, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
  • Héctor Fabio Quintero-Riaza Ph.D. Ingeniería, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
Keywords: Performance indexes, manipulability, Jacobian matrix, kinematic redundancy, robot.


In this paper the inverse kinematics of a redundant Scorbot-ER VPlus type robot with an additional degree of freedom, represented by a sliding platform, is performed. For the solution of the inverse kinematic problem it is developed an iterative process that evaluates the performance of the manipulator in different configurations. A joint coordinate is selected as a variable in the iterative process and setting its value, the other coordinates are determined from the inverse kinematic model of the original manipulator. For this configuration different performance indices applied to robotic systems are evaluated and the computational cost of their inclusion in the solution of the inverse kinematic problem is analyzed. Subsequently the selected coordinate is varied and the process is repeated. In this way it is possible to assess the performance indices leading to lower resolution times, seeking their application and inclusion in the kinematic control of redundant robot.


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Mejía-Calderón, L., González-Echeverry, A., & Quintero-Riaza, H. (2017). Inverse kinematics of a redundant robot type scorbot – ER Vplus: influence of performance indices. ITECKNE, 14(1), 24 - 33.
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