Evaluation of the incidences of salinity and pH on the biomass, productivity and lipids accumulation in cultures of chlorella vulgaris in a flat plate photobioreactor

  • Diego Rubio-Fernández M. Sc. Biología Fundación Universidad América
  • Gregorio Alejandro Hernández Ingeniero Químico Fundación Universidad América
Keywords: Chlorella vulgaris, photobioreactor, lipids, ph, productivity, salinity


The present research evaluated the incidence of Salinity, pH and productivity in a culture of Chlorella vulgaris in a flat plate photobioreactor, the evaluation of the incidences was made based on three aspects, but, before this a previous selection of the culture conditions was  made  from the  test  of  four  salinity  concentrations and  four  pH  ranks  obtained  from  previous  studies and based on the growth curves, the volumetric productivity and  the  statistical  analysis  we selected  the  two  better conditions of salinity and pH in order to develop cultures on a photobioreactor level where the best growth curve was selected and analyzed looking for a fatty acids profile and define the proper application.


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